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Our Doodles

JacknDoodles Lily Lou

Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Carmel

Size: 16" tall and weighs 24 lbs 

Coat: Wool

Lily is our social butterfly. She loves to be with her humans; whether they are watching TV, going on a drive, or sleeping.  She is extremely athletic and intelligent, she would play fetch for hours! She has a soft curly wool coat.


Grand-doodles Mr. Wilson

Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Apricot

Size: Stands 16"tall and is 25lbs 

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Wilson has the sweetest most laid-back personality! He loves hanging out with the family, watching TV and enjoys a lazy day.  He has a gorgeous silky soft wavy fleece coat.



Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Chocolate

Size: Stands 16" tall and is 27lbs

Coat: Curly fleece

Chloe is our newest addition to Lilac Farms and we couldn't be happier!  She is so loving, playful and very goofy.  She loves to steal toys just so the others will chase her.  Chloe loves going for walks and is so well mannered.